Monday, October 15, 2012

One More Shiny Time

Building a few set need lists is a long and tedious task. So, I suppose I am going to take a break for a while and try and muster up a post. If you've got tons of dupes laying around and you need to do a card dump, please keep me in mind. You can check out my set needs on my Congregate page if you would like.

And now to delight your eyes with some of my player collection shiny's!!!!!

I'm sorry, this will be the last post like this for a while. I guess it's my official "Shiny Show-Off" page. I'm still working on various other posts, so I just made this one up on the many of my posts are.

I gave you one shiny piece of cardboard for each day of the month we've had so far. I hope you found something in there you like!

I sometimes have those days or weeks when my interest in cardboard fades just a little into the background of my life, however the entire month of October, my card passion has been in full bloom. Mostly thanks to the blogoshpere and some thanks to the unknown collecting circuits in my brain.

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