Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shiny A's?

I don't really think I need to mention that after all the NLDS and ALDS excitement that I've really become disinterested in both the NLCS and ALCS, however I am going to still watch the games, probably while yawning in and out of innings.

I am a life long Mets fan but I wanted the Nationals to beat the Cardinals in the worst way. I also wanted to see Oakland sweep the pants off Detroit. Seeing the A's was so refreshing, that I was hoping they would go all the way to the World Series.

Oh well, what can ya do?

I know....


Yeah I've got nothing today either,except for a mild headache...No worries though. 

I love these types of parallels and  I hope I can amass a good number of them. I don't plan on trying to build any sets of them but they just really look awesome next to each other in a binder.

I suppose I am going to root for the Giants and Tigers now as they seem to be the only viable option left for a baseball fan like me.

Ta Ta For Now!

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  1. That first A's card is one of my absolute favorites from last year. The sparkly touch adds something extra great!

    1. I am really liking it too! It's funny that I never really noticed it a whole lot until I threw it up on a post. Blogging is awesome.


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