Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Best Of Top Whatever Awards (Baseball)

Something is telling me that I just needed to come up with a post for tonight. It's New Year's Eve after all and my draft folders have nothing fitting for the night's occasion.

I suppose I could come up with a "Best Of" list or a "Top Whatever" Thingy. Or even some 2013 Resolutions!

But...It's just not my style. At least not as of yet.

So what is your style then Mr. Raven? Truth is, I'm still trying to find my style. In fact I can't even settle on a blog design/layout that I can be happy with for more than two months. I give Topps credit there, having to settle on one flagship design per year.

Ah Well, perhaps that will come in time. Design should probably be the least of my blogging worries.

But how do I stand out among the crowd of great card bloggers?

I've learned that I don't really wish to stand out and the only thing I can do is share my story and my perspective on the hobby of card collecting and other sports card lore.

And hopefully a few people are interested with my take and experiences.

Plus trading is really cool, I've recently found out.

And everyone in the community is extremely cool, caring and compassionate...

Those are my 3 C's by the way.(Yep, just made that up on the spot)

So without further adieu, here is my  2012 Best Of Top Whatever and 2013 Resolution!!!!!! It's my style now : )

All cards to be shown are some of  my Topps Base favorites for the 2012 year. Cards not shown are probably ones I don't have yet.

The above Ayla is a card that both creeps me out and makes me wish there was some kind of offensive language written on his bat.

There's one thing I know for sure... Padres, Blue Jays and Athletic cards look extremely nice. (Padres Card of The Year Runner Up)

No reason really, I just like the card.

This one is the "How the heck did I get up here and how am I going to get down" card of the year....

This is just awkward.

This one wins the "Jason Vorhees Slasher Movie/ I'm Gonna Kill You" card of the year...

John Buck could possibly be a serial killer, he's about to slay him some Athletics

Lest we forget the "Ridiculous Catch That's Really Gonna Hurt" card of the year...


And the winner for the "Obvious Cubs Fan Is More Relevant In Photo" Card Of The Year...

A man with cubs fishing hat and beard is more noticeable than the player pictured on the card.

And the winner for the "Textbook/Museum Card Of Modern Catcher" Card Of The Year...

"The Modern Catcher"  or "The Obvious Catcher Is Obvious" By Topps

Winner for the "Helmet caught between a rock and a hard place" card of the year...

Is the runner out or safe? Only the helmet knows for certain.

And the winner for the "Out By A Year" card of the year goes to...

Oh man you are so out Dodger man.

And now for the "Who's card should this really be?" card of the year...

Nice supporting cast you have there Nyjer!

The "Baseball Card's Baseball Card" Card Of The Year...

When I think about baseball, this is one of the pictures I can see.

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!

And the 2012 Topps Base Card Of The Year is:

Also won "Padres" Card Of The Year


How could I have left this one out?

And as for my 2013 Cardboard New Years Resolution.... It's simply to have the same amount of fun with the hobby as I did in 2012.

Thanks To You.

Happy New Years!!!!!

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  1. Great job on your list! I made a similar one and had a few of the same cards. Glad to see that I wasn't the only one who appreciated the Padres cards!

  2. Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to more Card Raven in 2013.

  3. Phenomenal list and phenomenal post!
    I'm a huge fan of that Blanks, so much so, it makes absolutely no sense not to have it in my collection!
    I hadn't noticed the Corporan (ball just making contact!) or the Buck, let alone the McGehee, all of which are stellar.


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