Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Card Rumble 5: Ooooooohhhhh What A Rush!

It's time we got down to some serious wraslin' business and these 2012 Topps WWE Heritage really stomp a mud-hole in all current WWE cardboard related products. 

Does that even sound right? It felt like I was trying to cut a terrible promo but kept screwing up the lines! Anyways, I'm sick of rewriting the first line so I hope it will do for now. Sometimes my writing shows a tiny glimmer of hope in terms improvement and then I go waste it with a pile of english letters that don't always fit together.

In the professional wrestling business or any type of show business, for that matter they need to have very good and talented writers.

Of course being good and talented is hard to come by, so many of the writers quit and they go and start their own blog.

Ouch....I know, that was in very poor taste. I'm not very funny. Shame on me. I'm a terrible writer so I try to come up with jokes and I'm even more terrible at that.

If I were playing the role of a bad guy or "heel" wrestler, it would have worked out very nicely....

But I'm not. I'm just a dude that is pretty passionate about anything cardboard related and wrestling cards play a very significant role in my collection.

Ergghhhg!!! Lets just get on with the cards.

That's right!!! This set includes both Hawk and Animal of the Road Warriors!!!! I've already got my 20 bucks worth out of the blaster my wife surprised me with : ) I was pretty stoked about the release of this set as it includes most of the greats, past and present.

This actually marks the first time that I've gotten a chance to have some of these guys on cardboard. My first ever Tito Santana card, that's for sure and I couldn't be happier about some of the guys in the checklist.

If you like nostalgia and you like wrestling, then do yourself a favor and go pick up as much of this product as you can. You will not be disappointed.

Hell, even if you're not a wrestling fan, go pick up a few packs anyways. You might just have a lot of fun looking at these characters.

How am I going to get through this post anyways. I almost feel it's my duty to show all of the cards I got from the blaster. I had so much fun opening it. Don't worry, I won't post all the cards...Or will I?

 Only 2X4's and American flags can tell.

Ah jeez, I forgot about the informative part of the card blogging thing. Ah, who care's. If you're reading this you know already know that these Heritage cards are a throwback to the original 1985 Topps WWF set.

See, here's a nice one of Br....AHHHH, sorry about that!

There we go. That's a bit better.


Hey this is actually kind of fun. A beauty and beast type of game.



Beauty? Nah, j/k.

BEAST Anyways!!!!!

I can't think of another post I've written that has been this much fun. In all seriousness though I fricken love this set.

The inserts are cool too! Simple, yet effective.

The cards tell the story for themselves. If you don't have a Bushwacker's "Battering Ram" Insert in your collection, then you need to get the heck outta here.

The shots are fantastic too. A Perfect-Plex on Bam Bam Bigelow...Doesn't get much more cooler than that for all you wrestling geeks including myself.

And stickers too! You even get real, actual stickers!!!!

And it really stays true to the original 1985 set.

Thanks Mick! I will : )

Even stuff from the famed "Attitude Era" or what I like to call "The stuff I grew up with." Blah, I grew up with it all. I was born in 1985 right after the first ever WrestleMania was hosted around abouts the time, it started becoming "Sports Entertainment"

Also, does a really nice job paying tribute to Andre The Giant which is right on in my book. (I don't have a book)

This is by far, the most COLLECTIBLE set this year!

For me anyways. I am one happy customer.

Go rip some 2012 Topps WWE Heritage and SHARE THEM ON YOUR BLOG!

So, I can read and comment and so forth.

Goodnight World.

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