Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Golden Afternoon

One might say that I had a pretty nice day yesterday. And another might say, perhaps yesterday was a real GAME CHANGER!

Of course I'm not talking about 2012 Topps Baseball, well okay maybe a little, but there is very good reason for it all and this post in general...So please read on !

Curiouser and Curiouser! Just bear with me here, I know you're busy.

Yesterday, I received two packages in the mail and as I proceeded to open them, I noticed it was a bit dark in our room so I swiftly flung open the curtains on two windows.

Much better now, as the glory of god came pouring through both windows as the sun bounced off the snow and began to light up the entire room.

Package the first, was from Tom over at The Angels, In Order. This is very important because it marks my first "official" trade here in the blogosphere. I've never really done any trading anywhere, not even forums before I came to the blog world so already the package is pretty special.

1993 Topps Gold Dave Mlicki  #571

1993 Topps Gold.

1993 TOPPS GOLD !!!!!!!!!

Tom sent over a few Gold parallels from the days of yore. Well, my days of yore anyways. These cards pack an insanely powerful nostalgia punch and they are really hard for me to put down.

1993 Topps Gold Jeff Tabaka # 586

Well, if you own any of these then you know they look much better in person. They may not hold the same value to you, but for me THESE ARE WHAT BASEBALL CARDS ARE!!!!!

Eh, sorry for yelling at you... I get over excited sometimes.

1993 Topps Gold Paul Sorrento #264

Whats the deal with these? I was 8 years old in 1993. That's what's up! If I remember correctly, these were a 1 per pack insert and I use to LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing how many I could accumulate.

I didn't really have too many favorite players at that time, nor did I really know who most of the guys were.

I just knew I loved these cards.

1993 Topps Gold Donn Pall  #707

I guess I'm going to have to make a goal for myself after all. Before I die, I need to have a complete set of 1993 Topps Gold Parallels. But, I would like to make it a life long goal...acquiring a few here and there, until that one fine day when the work is done....

It will be...."Glorious."

I also got this really cool Wade Boggs in a Devil Rays uniform. I love the photo and is also my first with him on that team. I liked it when Tampa was the "Devil Rays."

It could have been the ultimate rivalry against the Angels.

Thank you Tom! You really brightened up my day! And thanks for the 2011 Topps set needs as well.

Package The Second, came from none other than Chunter over at Chipp 'n' Dale. I almost called him J......! This was probably one of the coolest looking packages I've ever received. I might just start a blog chronicling all the different trade envelopes, packaging and whatnot.

Now that's what I call a package! I don't care who you are, if you see something like this in the mail with your name on it...You're going to be one happy dude!!! Complete with bumper stickers and all!

Now, I don't know if it's proper Card Blogger Etiquette to show the actual mailer but I just thought it was really cool. So if I embarrassed you J.... I mean Chunter than I'm sorry in advance!!! I hope you liked the cards I sent back too!

Something appears to be wrong with my scanner today. I've been on the lookout for this Seaver for quite sometime now!

The Seaver and Wright look pretty good next to each other!

I didn't already own any of the cards Tom or Chunter sent to me which was a huge bonus!!

And I love cards like this that help fill the gaps of my collection.

Along with many many of my set needs, I got many new Mets as well. What a day!!!!

I'm not sure how Terry doesn't fall over when he pitches, but it makes for a great card!

94 Fleer is another set that I adore. I'm a 90's person really. Born in the mid 80's. Bloomed in the 90's. Struggled through the 00's and born again in the 10's!

My second ever Ron Darling. I really gotta find some more.

Thanks for the great Mets! And thank you for the many set needs. I love flippin' through the cards I still need because well, I really haven't seen them in person yet, so they are brand new to me.

Wait, there's still more to the story "A Golden Afternoon."

After I got done opening the packages and while I was basking in the god rays of sunshine that I had invited into the room. I sat down at the computer as usual to get to work on the new cardboard I've acquired along with another routine of mine, which is checking the Penn State World Campus website to see if I've been accepted.

I had been looking at the same application status for months when suddenly yesterday it had changed:

"Congratulations on your acceptance to Penn State!
I am pleased to offer you admission to The College of Information Sciences & Technology for Summer 2013 through our Penn State World Campus. While a packet of materials will be in the mail to you shortly, I hope that the information provided here will help give you a head start on thinking about your offer to Penn State."

All I got to say is WOO HOO!

It was truly a "Golden Afternoon."

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  1. Big congrats! And thanks for the refractors too!

  2. That is sweet! Glad you liked the package-I definitely like to have some fun with the mailers. Thanks for the trade!

  3. Congrats, Michael!

    Definitely sounds like a "golden afternoon" to me!

  4. Congrats!

    Oh, and '92 & '93 Topps Gold > any other "gold" parallel I've come across. The '93 Topps Black Gold Fred McGriff card is among my favorite cards of all time. I was nine in '93, so those were big in my childhood as well.


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