Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's Raining Mets: From The Sandlot

It's literally been raining Mets  around here. Packages have been shooting in left and right and I'm completely excited and overwhelmed but mostly excited.

The first package that came in around the same time as my previous post's highlights and I'm just getting to writing about it now.

This huge package of fifty cards or more came from The Sandlot featuring the writings of Joe himself. First I have to say that Joe is no slouch in the design department. His blog site is very sharp, sleek and well written. You instantly know you've happened upon a Met's lovers paradise while browsing his blog.

Second, I wanted to share that Joe and I weren't really able to strike up a trade. I gave him a list of all the Mets stuff I had available but alas, he didn't need any of them. In came a giant package from him anyways featuring all Mets goodness that I didn't already own.

I owe ya one, Joe  and even though I'm often extremely late with packages, I can assure you...I always deliver.

I apologize one last time about the quality of the scans. I've finally figured out how to scan multiples without having to cut off the white borders, so future posts should have pristine scanned images.

Joe sent me so much awesome stuff, that I had no idea what to feature. So the cards were selected at random. I'm happy enough to show off them all but there is that time constraint thing looming in.

I don't have to many cards like the above Zeile. Most of my Mets guys are wearing their uniforms, so it's a treat when one like this pops up.

I speak quite frequently but never usually in much detail about my fondness for Metal Universe. A product that dares to defy everything that people love about a simple and elegant baseball card. This Henderson was made for me.

I don't think I've ever spoken about the "Hockey Stick Set." Do I need to reference that to whoever made it up? Who made that up anyways? The only reason I know of that phrase is from Night Owl Cards . It's a  quite fitting name isn't it?

I've never spoken about this set because I know very little about it. I haven't looked into 1982 Topps all that much for whatever reason. But it looks like I'm going to have to investigate further as this Mazzilli is quite an intriguing piece.

Were there better, more "valuable" cards in the lot? Sure there was. But again, I selected these at random because I love them all. I don't think I could actually hate a Mets card.... or could I?

I made a note somewhere to start a Beltran collection and I think I'm up to more then 10 different pieces, however they are scattered as most of my Beltrans aren't of the Mets variety.

Trade Pagan and he will end up being a World Series Champion. I love love love 2011 GQ! I still can't seem to get over it. The 2012 version didn't help, let's see what 2013 has to offer.

I think very favorably of Matt Harvey. He looked very promising last season. Needless to say, Harvey is among my newest of player collections.

That is Ramon Castro. That is 2008 Topps. No further questions.

So that was a ten card sampling of the generosity from Joe. I believe there was actually a full 2011 Gypsy Queen Mets Team Set in with the lot which I couldn't have been happier about.

Thanks Again Joe!!!

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  1. Hey man, anytime! I still have some Piazza and Wright doubles to send your way soon!


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