Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's Raining Mets Part 2: From His Own Card Shop

I really lucked out this time. I am very lucky that I read Daniel's blog called "It's Like Having My Own Card Shop" and in particular a post that I found recently entitled For Sale: 1969 Topps Mets ($12 shipped).

Go ahead and take a gander, I'll wait a second.

I was all in for that terrific deal! I actually stumbled on the payment a little bit as I was going to the bank to put the funds in my account and alas, it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I e-mailed Daniel about the hiccup and he was most gracious and didn't mind. He ended up receiving the payment the following day and my cards were sent over lightning fast.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Daniel had included some very nice and interesting pieces to go along with the wonderful vintage.

A very striking Dandy indeed. If I had a top favorite cards list, then this would jump straight to the top 20. Fantastic piece.

The 1986 World Series. I've watched a good amount of footage from that series that was completed a year after I was born. It's the last time you could call the Mets, "World Champions." Hopefully that will change in the coming years, we'll see. What a card!

This card had me puzzling a little bit as it has gold foil numbered to 30 on the back. I'm not really sure if this was an insert or what. I suppose I could look it up, but for now, I'm way too tired. I love cards that make me go "HUH?"

Here's a sad story: This is my first Bobby Bonilla in a Mets uniform. Hey, I'm still earning my "Hobby Wings."

I should have known that these existed in more colors than just the gold frames. It's a shame that I was unaware of these green ones because they are simply stunning. I really need to hunt down some more, and soon. I'm the biggest parallel sucker on the planet.

Another very interesting piece. It's actually numbered on the front with black and almost not even visible. A very peculiar card!

Swing! Now why couldn't I have been around for all the Turkey stuff? This particular one is very classy as well as shiny. Two great features to have on cardboard, in my opinion anyways.

And the card that actually "Stands Out" the most is this Edgardo Alfonzo. No justice be the scan. This is one spectacular looking card in person. It almost looks like someone lightly colored it with a refractor brush but still isn't what you would call a typical refractor. It's just a really nice piece and it's the first of it's kind for me. Definitely going to be hunting down some more.

Here are the 1969 Tops Mets if you didn't click the above link.

All that for $12 and I got to help out a fellow blogger complete a different set! I am one lucky guy to have been caught in all this  Mets rain.

I finally feel like I'm catching back up, here in the blogosphere. I will be starting school online in May, at Penn State World Campus so getting prepared for that is what has been taking up most of my spare time.

I am extremely excited about the new Topps flagship release. Those cards just look amazing, even just on the computer screen. I can only imagine what they look like in person. I will hopefully be swimming in 2013 Topps by the time baseball season starts.

Good Night and Ta Ta For Now ! : )

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  1. Nice pickups! Love the '69 Seaver.

  2. Glad to see these go to a good home! Thanks for the purchase! I picked up one of the 1970 Topps cards I needed and then got sidetracked and bought a 3000 Hit Club bat card that I needed with the rest of the funds, plus some, but I'll finish the 1970 Topps 1969 World Series set shortly!


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