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Still A Fan of Beckett

This November 2011 issue of Beckett Baseball has a lot to do with my decision to remain on board with the hobby full time through 2012. That's something I just can't deny. It's just filled with cardboardy goodness and you can actually hold it in your hands.

When I returned to the hobby around 2010 I was pleasantly surprised to know that Beckett was still alive and well. While I'm not a subscriber, I have picked up a few copies of Beckett Baseball last year.

I'm not as much interested in the pricing as I was when I was younger, but I'm a huge fan of hard copies and good content and for that reason, I think Beckett's still got it. (I'm a guy that still likes to buy cd's, newspapers, magazines, dvd's and other tangible goods that seem to be becoming more and more intangible)

I understand that this post is probably going to be my least popular post of all time but feel it's important to share my view.

This was not written because of another great post written by Nick from Dime Boxes entitled Screw You, Book Value because I've had this one in the works for a while.

In terms of Beckett's pricing , they are offering a service like any other business. If I'm a collector that has little use for the internet and I wan't to know what some of my collection is worth then I'm probably going to pick up a Beckett at some point.

Even if I do use the internet and use things like ebay or COMC to gauge the value of my cards, the Beckett can provide an even quicker reference as you probably have it quite handy and readily available.

There are many parts of the sports card market that still have nothing to do with the internet.

For most of my own PC, pricing is not an issue. I'm not really concerned what the cards listed below  $20 are worth. However cards worth more than $20, it's good to know about.

If the monetary value of the cards do not matter then please trade me your T206 Honus Wagner for my 2011 Gypsy Queen Josh Thole. Ok, that's a little extreme I know and no one is saying that cards shouldn't be worth actual dollars but if Beckett isn't relevant anymore than why is it still there?

Why do I feel that them not being there anymore would be another "nail in the coffin" for the hobby?

I know the hobby isn't dying at all and is in fact growing in different areas....But if I'm a collector returning and big news companies were telling me that our hobby is dying and then started to do some research and learned that Beckett was gone too, I probably would really believe the hobby was in fact dying,

I'm not so much surprised when I hear of many collector's unanimous dismissal of Beckett. It is, what it is, but I'm still a fan. I just don't understand the general malaise towards Beckett Media. If someone could please enlighten me on the subject, I would be grateful because I think I missed something somewhere.

Why does the card industry need Beckett?

Do you think Beckett is going away anytime soon?

Are you a fan of any of Becketts publications/website?

Where do you stand on the subject?

If we are all in this together, is Beckett still our undisputed King and leader of the Cardboard Army?

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  1. I do still get one Beckett a year, I stopped using their online inventory once they started jacking around with prices and services over the past five years. I don't even use their forums anymore. I usually get my information from cardboardconnection or other sites.

    1. Thanks for your support! Our staff works extremely hard to make The Cardboard Connection as helpful, useful, and relevant to collectors as possible, adding at least 5 new articles each day. And every component of the site is 100% free to use.

  2. I guess my problem isn't as much with book value itself. It's more of the people who take it WAY too literally. And, believe me, I ran into them quite a bit on the forums.

    I have no problem with Beckett trying to say that one of my precious zero-year cards is only "worth" twenty cents. After all is said and done, I know that it's worth more to me. That's all that matters.

    I just think way too many people are thinking in terms of book value rather than actually collecting these days.

    The loss of Beckett might affect the higher-end way of things in the hobby, but I doubt it would matter much to collectors like you and I. If Beckett went away tomorrow, I'd honestly care less. It wouldn't matter to me in the least.

    In terms of Beckett magazine itself, I still read one every now and then. Even though I've long since stopped reading through the "pricing" part of it, the articles are okay at times.

  3. Beckett has issues in terms of its philosophy and influence, but as far as the magazine I've got no problems with it.

    But I don't buy it. A lot of the topics it addresses -- hot rookies, grading, nonsports stuff -- don't interest me. The only time I've leafed through one was a couple of times when I was in a bookstore.

  4. I remember being really into Beckett as a kid, but I haven't even picked one up since getting back into the hobby about a little over a year ago. Mostly because I think I place my own value on cards. Based on the money that I have, I have a hard time spending more than a few bucks on a single piece of cardboard, and even that is usually pushing it. But that's just me.

  5. Beckett breeds greed. There used to be five card pricing mags out there, if Beckett will still be here. I go into a LCS shop and they are always pushing Beckett sales, and they get "offended" if you offer them lower than what Beckett says it is worth. Without Beckett it would make LCS more creative in maybe pricing their products and cards. How many people go to a LCS to put down $10 on a 2005 No Name Minor League player. LCS and forums are the last real place still using Beckett pricing, everyone else I know uses common sense. Sometimes a player is worth more to someone than what Beckett says. To me Larry Walker is a star player, Beckett says no. I don't need Beckett to tell me who is hot or who to collect. I would rather another company come in and use real time pricing and not what a few at a card company say.

  6. I still do buy "the magazine" from time to time, but as Nick said, there are a lot of people on the forums that are slaves to BV. Both of the issues I'm using right now are December 2012 (thus about 2 months old in the publishing world), and I don't find myself scrambling to pickup new ones.


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