Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Where It All Begins Again

I'm going to be quite honest and quite frank as I start off the new year. After reading endless material on everyone's plans for 2013, I just feel...well....A bit muddled.

The endless material has been outstanding, astounding and resounding if I may, and it seems as though bloggers seem to put forth greater writing effort as the year closes/begins.

People have goals. Goals are good. So what's my problem then?

You know that proverbial "line in the sand"? Well I think I've found where exactly I plan to draw mine when it comes to this hobby.

Or maybe I'm already in too deep and there's just no turning back now and that imaginary lines are meant to be erased.

To be honest I have no real goals or plans for 2013 and I aim to keep it that way. Sure I have a couple sets I'm working on but here's the thing...I don't care if it takes me the rest of my life to complete them.

I have multiple player collections that I would either like to build upon or subtract upon for that matter, depending on the player in question.

I have my Mets collection of course, that could use a good jolt.

I hope to complete a few trades. It is all that everyone has said it was and more.

I know I may be kicking myself later on down the road for this post and we will get to that bridge at some point. But for now, I'm just enjoying the ride and the hobby as is.

I have no major qualms or beefs with the industry as a whole. I'm loving the Topps products for baseball and I'm loving the Panini products for basketball. Would I love to see Upper Deck back in the Baseball/Basketball mix?


I would really like to see card companies experiment a little more especially in the non-sports area. I mean there are so many subjects in life that would be fitting of cardboard. I mean how cool would it be if there were a card set that featured GUITARS of all shapes, ages and sizes?

But then again, would there really be a market for that sort of thing?

I really think there could be a market though for a fantasy type product. I know what your thinking...MTG, World Of Warcraft etc.... Not so much and while I take nothing away from the respected games... I meant more something like a Level 12  Warlock Magi Purple Refractor, serial number patch auto.

You know, the same gimmicks used by Topps now only used with Wizards, mages, warriors, clerics, dragons and well I think you know what I mean by now.

Moving along now.... I believe I have mentioned somewhere that I plan to indulge myself with as much 2013 Topps Baseball Flagship as possible. I just hope it still carries the same feel as it has the previous 2 years.

You see 2012 was my first full year of collecting while returning to the hobby. I was stoked about 2012 flagship after seeing a preview in a Beckett Baseball magazine. There was a lot of hype, and I love getting lost in that hype and excitement...even if the product got a little sickening over time......I still loved ripping all those blue series one packs.

I hope 2013 is going to be a great year for everyone in the card industry.

But as for me, I take things just one day at a time.

And I put my pants on one leg at a time....Just like everyone else.

Lets Go Mets!

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  1. I never have any real "goals" that I set out for myself either. I've never set any sort of time table for any of my collections or give a numerical milestone to reach by this time or date. I tend to go on "kicks" between my three collections so whatever collection I'm in the mood to buy cards for at that particular moment is what I'll get.

    I don't think you need goals to make it in this hobby, just ambition!

    1. Same here, I have those "kicks" too and sometimes it can kick me right out of cards altogether but only for a short while, then I'm right back in the game.

      I just try not to stress out a whole lot about the hobby because if it ever becomes not fun, then thats when I need to hang it up for a while.

  2. I just want to be collecting...that's about the only goal I can get my head around right now.

    1. That is probably the only goal ya need! Hope things are going alright for you!!!!


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