Saturday, February 16, 2013

72 Cards Later...

More, more, more 2013 Topps Baseball! And I say that with great excitement and enthusiasm because after all, this is one fun, awesome, spectacular set.

Much has been said about these modern era gems and yet I'm no where near being sick of it yet. In fact, I think I'm just really getting things rolling. I mentioned a while back that I was going all in on this years flagship baseball product and I wasn't kidding.

I will be "chasing" these cards all year long and beyond.

The post title that I originally thought of was "I Should Be A Dodger's Collector" but then swiftly changed as it would probably be a cheap attempt at getting more views. The fact is, whenever I post anything Dodger related, I always get more readership.

And that is a great thing! However there are far better blogs already covering this legendary team and I really have nothing interesting to add other than I think Dodger's look great on cardboard and I think that might have been said already, a time or two.

Oh, and I do collect Robinson and Koufax. They are indeed pretty awesome.

There are also far better blogs covering Met"s related material but I refuse to be silenced about my favorite baseball team. No one's actually trying to silence me, just sayin'.

And it's great when Met's related material happen to have a kick-@$$ photo!

How bout them Royals eh? Another team that looks pretty flawless on this year's design, in my opinion. 

Another favorite base card of mine is the Ellsbury. That is the whitest uniform I have ever seen!

A nice shot of Longoria as well. A very classic photo.

An interesting Rockies issue. When I first peaked at the card I immediately thought of the mechanics of a cartoon running. I guess I don't know how to describe it better but I think of something like Tom and Jerry chasing each other around when I look harder at this one.

I have a knack for pulling Giancalo parallels for some reason. It's all in the cards, they say.

The more I "Chase History," the more I want MORE! Yep, not a bad looking Henderson, if I do say so myself and I love the write-ups on the backs too. I often don't pay much attention to the backs of cards but these have certainly kept my interest up.

I certainly feel the want to collect this entire set. It's definitely what I'm looking for in a baseball set. 

And I even like the minis this time around!

I will be back with a part 2 of "72 Cards Later," as I have yet another rack pack box to ink about. All of my 2013's have come via 72 card bricks, and for 10 dollars, I just can't lay off em'!!!!

Ta Ta For Now and have a great weekend!!!! : )

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  1. Rack packs are a sneaky hot way to collect sets. I knocked off a large % of '12 Update that way - plus I think the inserts are way better from racks.

    1. I definitely agree! Plus I love those exclusive Chasing History parallels. I think they are exclusive anyways : )

  2. night owl said...
    You're right, the 2013 Topps set is still a lot of fun.

    If you're willing to part with the Koufax insert, we might be able to hammer out something '13ish.

    1. I'm willing to part with it. I actually had planned on sending you all my Dodger related 13 stuff, but I see that people have already kind of beat me to the punch!

      The Koufax is yours and whatever else I can muster up, that you may not have.

      I will warn you early, that I'm pretty slow when it comes to trading but always make good on my word!

      I will shoot you an email soon and see what we can get going.


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