Monday, February 18, 2013

72 MOAR Cards Later...

It's time for tea then, so sit right down and have a cup with me will ya? I see. You already are sitting down. You don't like tea either. 

I'm quite fond of tea on the other hand. I prefer Earl Gray but most any tea will do.  Someone out there must know what I'm talking about?

Speaking of which... Why is a Raven like a writing desk? Ahem...never mind that. Let's get on with the cards shall we?

Pretty nice blue horizzels, although I haven't decided if the Gonzalez, Dickey, and Cueto is going in my Mets binders or not.

Ok, I've decided...It's going to go with my other Dickey's. Did that even sound right?

Anyways, let's look at some more...

The Jayson Werth is one of my favorites for the year so far. It just has a lot of feeling or emotion to it. I'm sure someone else could explain it better. 

Who would have thought that red, white and blue would go well together? And I guess for that reason, a blue Phillies hat just works. It makes a neat looking checklist card too.

I'm glad I added Posey and Kimbrel to my player collections last year. They are turning out to be a couple of my favorite players, out of a Mets uniform.

I was on the fence about starting a Felix Hernandez collection and I've come to the decision that he will finally be accepted into the binders. After hearing about his long term signing with the Mariners, the hat was tipped in his favor. I have a great respect for those who are loyal to their fanbase and their teams.

Another player that may be joining him is Brett Lawrie and although I haven't made the final decision, things look pretty good for this Blue Jay, on cardboard anyways.

I can say that I neither like or dislike Mr. Braun. He is someone I collect, but also don't really go out of my way to acquire his stuff. The 72 mini's however I find to be pretty appealing, no matter the player.

Jim Johnson gets the honors of the obligatory "Emerald Parallel's Must Be In Every 2013 Topps Post." The only thing I wonder is...Just how many Jim Johnsons are there in the world?

And now for....


I don't really know how much more these inserts/parallels can grow on me, but at this point I really like them. 

I especially like the Johan Santana at the top of the post. The back reveal's that he is only 12 SO's away from 2000 career strike outs. So, he should reach that milestone in April, if he stays healthy.

I know what you really came here for though. That's right, you heard I netted a Stan Musial die cut! It's true, it's true. It was long, hard struggle, but in the end I emerged victorious with the catch of the day!!!

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  1. Brett Lawrie is a tough collection. He's extremely popular on both sides of the USA-Canada border right now, and his cards usually look amazing.

    I have, however acquired some dupes (as I collect him) from some trades. I'd be willing to share.

    1. I'm really starting to see what you mean! The couple cards I have of him are pretty sweet. I think I only have the 2012 Ginter and the one I showed in the post.

      I would love to get a few more and would like to help out with your collection as well, in any way I can. Shoot me an email if your interested!

  2. Just sent a package off to you this morning with some 2013 Topps and other misc Mets too!


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