Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Card Awakening

Daddy: You know Zayden the world is....

Zayden interjects with a cute and quaint uttering of "Ut Oh"

Daddy: Yes, Zayden...The world is in fact "Ut Oh"

(Zayden is my 3 year old son : )

Did you know that mostly everything we see and interact with  is made possible by fossil fuels? You know that stuff in the ground that we mostly think of as refining into gasoline for our vehicles.

I don't know about other countries, but here in a America, we are addicted to oil. EVERYTHING is made from oil. And if it wasn't made from oil, it was transported in something that does use oil.

Just sitting here in my chair I am surrounded by oil by-product. The entire computer system is made possible by plastics, micro chips, rubber, optical , wires etc, which are derived from oil and the system components that are not made directly from oil such as aluminum or silicon parts are made on large machines that burn huge amounts of oil.

In fact if you were to remove everything from your house that that was not tied to oil in some way, you in fact would not even have a house at all.

To put it bluntly but to widen the eyes... If you took oil out of American society, it would completely crumble. If oil were to run out tomorrow then America would collapse indefinitely.

But, not to worry. We are not going to run out of oil anytime soon. However the fact remains that oil is a FINITE resource and eventually the earth will have no more.

We need to start worrying about this now, because our future generations are going to be completely screwed if we don't.

Why am I saying all this horrible stuff? This is a card blog. It's supposed to be a means to get away from these world issues.

I say this stuff because I love to be enlightened. No matter how much it may hurt and no matter how sickened it makes me. I have a thirst for knowledge and the truth.

And this appeals to everyone. Where would we be if the worlds oil peaks? Certainly, no cards would continue to be produced unless we cure America's addiction to oil. Everyone's simple things, pleasures, desires and entire ways of living is all made possible by the blood of the earth.

Also because this has been weighing heavily on my mind among other issues since I tuned in to Netflix a couple of years ago and watched a film called A Crude Awakening : The Oil Crash. Here is a ten minute snippet if you've got a little extra time today.

I highly recommend taking a watch and if your curiosity continues forth then you can still see it on netflix I believe or purchase it online.

"Oil is our god. I don't care whether someone woships Jesus, Buddha,  Alah whatever. They actually worship petroleum."

We will be back to your (almost) regularly scheduled posts in the next few days.  I just feel obligated to share certain things, and this is an issue that will affect everyone.

No oil.... No cards

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  1. A blogger who cares about more than cards?? Heresy!! A very responsible post, chipping away at ignorance and apathy a bit at a time!


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