Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And The Passion Wanes

At this time, I feel very disinterested when it comes to the hobby. There are many factors for this and it's to be expected.

I'm actually really struggling to find the words this post. I don't feel like writing and I don't feel like doing much, cardboard related.

So why the post then?

I often find these posts of "disinterest" to be crucial in getting me back in the swing of things.

I still haven't sent out those trade packages either. Don't worry because I AM going to the post office tomorrow to drop them off.

I understand there is some 2013  Heritage Baseball flowing about. I haven't really investigated this thoroughly. I'm probably going to save for Ginter or Queen anyways. I'm still stuck on flagship, if anything at all.

I'm very excited about the 2013 MLB Season. I've been watching Spring Training games here and there. However today, I would like to focus on a little NBA action.

So, to get my cardboard juices flowing, I would like to talk about a couple of pieces that are crucial to the overall health of my collection.

I used to voraciously collect Shaquille O'Neal cards. He was a larger than life superstar when I was just a wee lad. I have always cherished this piece, even though I've long forgotten the monetary value. I don't think it was ever all that much anyways.

In a way, I still think having a Shaq rookie card is pretty cool. And though there are more famous Shaq rookies, I happen to like this the best. Mostly because it's the only one I own.

Another basketball superstar that I am still a big collector of today is Grant Hill.

If I were to have landed this "Anticipation" from Flair when it first came out, I would have been hundreds of dollars richer. These inserts were red hot, back in the day.

I actually landed Joe Smith and it was book valued at one hundred dollars. I can't remember how much for Hill, but it would have been considerably more because Hill was a hot commodity back then.

And at the present day, this card is a prime example of why BV is quite silly. You see, I picked this off ebay for less than 5 dollars not that long ago.

I could only dream of owning this piece back in the mid-90's and dream I did.

I will never let go of these two pieces and they join the ranks of my others that I would deem of the nostalgic variety. 

However they've become more than just nostalgia...

More like, they are just part of me : )

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