Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Impact Of Velvet Sky

This isn't going to be your average Card Raven show and tell of cardboard. Although, I am going to showcase some fine pieces, there is a greater story to be told here. Let's see how well I can pull it off...

Velvet Sky. Talia Madison. Jamie Szantyr. The three names for Impact Wrestling's finest Knockout. Jamie being her real name, Talia for when she wrestles outside of TNA and Velvet Sky, her on screen persona for television.

I have been watching wrestling for a very long time and since the debut of Velvet in WWE (yes, you can find her wrestling in the WWE on youtube) and in TNA, I have become a huge fan and collector of hers.

Her wrestling ability was pretty sub-par at the get-go, but since being in the ring with greats like Tara, Mickie James and Gail Kim, her technical ability is what is really starting to stand out.

And let me tell you, keeping an eye on only her abilities is quite difficult. She is a "Knockout" for a reason, and that is having tremendous looks, charisma and of course the ability to hang with the rest of the tough girls. She is much more than a pretty face.

You might remember such acts as "The Beautiful People" which was a wildly popular stable. Many actually quit watching the show, when the tandem of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky was dissolved. They bring it back from time to time and many will only remember Madison Rayne, Lacey Von Erich and Ms. Sky's version of The Beautiful People.

I don't know if it's getting hotter in the room where you're sitting, but it did for me over the weekend when I met Velvet Sky in person at a local Impact Live event in Massena, NY!!!

I don't like to brag but it was a very surreal moment for me. You know how it is. When you've been following someone for years on tv, and collecting a lot of their stuff, it can almost make you speechless at the time you finally meet.

Of course, I was nothing special to her, just another of her thousands of fans. But for me, I got a pair of autographs to go along with the ones I already have.

I've talked about these cards before in my Card Rumble series, so I don't really need to touch on them too much here. As you might be able to guess, these are two of my favorite pieces in my entire collection.

Kurt Angle and Bully Ray were also at the show. They put on a wonderful performance and the roof blew off the building when Kurt Angle came out and towards the end when he used his "Ankle Lock" finisher.

Actual photo of the event. My wife and I had some very awesome seats!

AJ Styles was also there, although I didn't get any good photos of him because the lighting was bad for the first couple of matches.

I actually didn't get very good ones of Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim either. I tried like hell though. Here are the best ones. You will see what I mean by the lighting.

 If the match would have been later, I would have gotten much better pictures. I did get a few other autographs as well.

Thanks to my wife, I eventually got my moment and got a picture taken with her via the purchase of a banner...

I'm not really sure if she even knew that I was on the other side of her. The picture is cropped because I can't show the other person for legal reasons as requested by my wife's place of employment.

All in all, I had a blast at the event with all those rowdy wrestling fans. I can only hope Impact will make it's way back, because I for one, will be ready to surrender our hard earned money yet again for an outstanding wrestling show.

Thank you Velvet, Kurt, Bully, Devon, AJ, Gail and the rest of the Impact Wrestling Team! You put on a fantastic show and made me extremely proud to be a wrestling fan!!!!

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  1. I changed the comment box back to the original. Although I think it's a great idea for everyone to comment through their G+ accounts, I don't know if a lot of people are adopting these methods yet.

    In the near future I will be changing the comments back to G+ only as I believe it's a safer, more secure method of commenting.

  2. Nice post seems like you had great seats!

  3. Gail Kim is hot! It's cool that you got her autograph along with all of those other wrestlers. I've never been to a match myself... but if I do, I hope it's an experience similar to yours.

    1. Gail was extremely professional and she got the crowd worked up very well. She is an absolute legend and she never gets the credit she deserves.

      I highly recommend an Impact Wrestling show, but not so much if you are just going to be a bystander. The fun lies in getting all into the drama of everything. Get all loud and rodwy, temporarily suspending your disbelief and letting them work their magic!


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