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The Crazy 90's Issue #3: Greg Maddux

I'm pretty sure the 90's wouldn't have been quite as crazy, if it weren't for Greg Maddux. The ace played for both the Cubs and Braves of that decade with 6 All-Star appearances, 4 NL Cy Young Awards and a World Series Championship.

That is a huge amount of accolades for only a 10 year span. Like I said...Crazy!

I certainly remember him mostly for his time with the Atlanta Braves which is mostly what my small player collection of his looks like. While only having two other Cubs issues from Topps, one is not a 90's issue so it won't be appearing on this post.

1992 Topps Greg Maddux #580

Although Maddux was established as an ace in 1989, he would win his first Cy Young the same year this Topps base card was issued.

Maddux would then go on to sign a 5 year deal with the Atlanta Braves worth 28 million.

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice "Award Winner" Greg Maddux #709

The crazier part is that he would go on to win three more consecutive Cy Young awards. He was the best pitcher in the National League for 4 straight years! I can think of only one other pitcher that can say the same and I covered him in the last issue.

1996 Upper Deck "Strike Force" Greg Maddux #65

I think some considered him an "artist on the mound." His fastball didn't have much velocity so he found other ways to get creative and would often finding him painting the corners with marksman accuracy.

How many batters of his struck out with a pitch on that outside corner? I imagine it froze a good number of hitters.

1993 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Greg Madux #183

This UDCC issue was a very memorable one for me growing up. I always wondered if there was a ball in the glove of the cut off arm. I suppose there is no way of knowing for sure, but it sure makes for an iconic card.

1995 Fleer "League Leaders" Greg Maddux Ken Hill 9 of 10

Definitely one of my first experiences with baseball insert cards,besides the gold foil parallels, was this league leader card. I remember thinking that I had a card that was worth a good number of dollars. The lettering on the card is bumpy, making it unique for a boy that was only used to your basic flat cards. It's nothing special in today's standards but it remained a top card of mine for quite sometime.

1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice "Fantasy Team" Greg Maddux #268

And back to the Collector's Choice issues because those sets were much cheaper in the mid-90's and was easy for a kid like me to get my hands on. Plus, some of them are pretty crazy...popping out of stars, arms cut off and and green!

I don't really need to tell you about Maddux and his cardboard. All that needs to be said from me was that he was one CRAZY GOOD pitcher!

And I'm sure you would agree : )

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  1. A great mix of cards in that post.

  2. There is no doubt that if Greg Maddux pitched for the Dodgers for as long as he pitched for the Braves (and Cubs) that he would be my favorite pitcher outside of Koufax. So much respect for him.


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