Monday, July 1, 2013

Becoming The Casual Collector (Is kind of cool)

I hope the title of this blog is not the beginning of things to come, but as I have made the leap of faith back into the college world, becoming "casual" is happening naturally.

2013 Topps Series 2 is an excellent product. I have no complaints about it. There isn't really anything that I dislike about the second series, or the first for that matter. I was so stoked for this year's flagship that I made the claim that I was going to buy as much product as humanly possible. Well, it turns out I did, and I haven't ended up with all that much.

Backing up to 2010, I had so much energy and enthusiasm about Topps baseball product. It was new and exciting and even still had elements (inserts and Topps Gold) that I loved from the 90's, where I left off collecting. Then I realized there was so much more than that. There was not only Topps main entry but there was Allen & Ginter, Bowman, Chrome and so on and so forth.

A whole new world!!!!

It's also been documented around here somewhere that I do lose interest in the hobby, as a whole from time to time, but the passion always comes back to me bigger and better than ever. I try very hard not to become jaded, but it just happens.

I'm at a point in my collecting where I'm not exactly your avid cardboard examiner. I'm starting to fall out of the loop, becoming uninformed about the ins and outs of the hobby and standing in the aisles having no idea what the certain "buzz' is around the hobby.

It's actually a pretty cool effect and it brings me back to the time when I re-entered the hobby. I'm clueless right now, and it's making pack ripping quite exciting. The only downfall is that I've been spending way less time with my cards.

I certainly fared pretty well in the first blaster box I've gotten in quite sometime. I would have been happy with only getting the Wright (althought I'm not a fan of the design) and the Ripken was a big fat bonus. I'm glad they brought back the die-cut for a second time.

I thought patch cards were the coolest thing ever back in 2010 and they would still be in 2013 if I was just re-entering the hobby. Unfortunately I'm not, and although I am becoming more of a casual collector lately, I hope someone can find some excitement in a great product full of lots of fun and quality.

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  1. I'm excited enough about the emerald Ellis to ask for it in a trade ... if you're still into the trade thing.

  2. I learned that the less I read about a product before it is released, the more enjoyment I get out of ripping the packs. I like the cards to surprise me.

  3. I get that way about cards from time to time.

  4. If you're still in the trading market and the "Chase It Down" Reddick and/or McCarthy emeralds are available, Michael, let me know. Looks like a good blaster of Series 2 to me!

    1. Nick, I'm going to hold on to the Reddick, but I would be happy to give up the McCarthy emerald. I'm not sure what else I could send over to you in a package but I'm sure I can muster something up!

  5. Another great Reddick card!


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