Sunday, March 16, 2014

All That Glitters Is Gold

It's a great day over here at the nest when I start talking about GOLD! The only thing that brings it down a tad is the fact that the scanner doesn't make 1993 Topps Gold look the greatest.

You may have a much differing opinion on these particular parallels and set as a whole but for me, they create that uber nostalgia buzz. I don't mean that lightly either. Even the distinct smell of the cardboard and heavy foil bring me right back to when I was 8 years old.

Everyone's got those cards - the ones that mean the world to you no matter what the critics said about them in baseball card land. Some say the 90's were the worst time for baseball cards but I cannot help but assure you that they were the absolute best - for a kid anyways.

Before the big insert craze, you would find one of these shiny gold parallels per pack of 1993 Topps. They were so cool that they were the sole reason I would beg my parents for a pack or two of them. There was just something about them but it's just some silly foil right?

I remember wondering if there was actual gold inside the name stamps. They are unreadable enough for and 8 year old boy to make such a wild assumption. All I really knew was that I couldn't wait to find the next one. 

When you started to put a few of these gold members together, the rest of the set seem unusually unappealing, a trick Topps even brought back and remains in use to this day. The gold may be painted on the borders now, but I'm willing to bet that a reprint or two of 1993 Topps Gold will surface again one day. Can we say mini gold?

They even took the time to stamp the foil on the team cards and are much rarer than there single player counterparts. Cutting these in half would make for some pretty little minis in my estimation.

And of course, "Coming Attraction" - where almost none of them would live up to that moniker. Don't you remember the name Jeter? Shawn Jeter?

Then we get to our beloved Mets. They always look good with gold. This particular card would be near perfect if the borders weren't way out of whack and the cropping was just a smidge wider to the right. It could have been in the Baseball Card Hall of Fame if that exists. Hey, it's already got the gold!

So I'm doing this two part series that may extend into more heck, I just love the things!! I snagged 150 card lot from ebay and it's safe to say, I've got GOLD FEVER!!!

A complete set of these would be my crowning achievement in the hobby.

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  1. My favorite year for Topps Gold was probably 1993. I remember busting a pack when I was really young and pulling a Ken Griffey Jr. gold parallel. I've had a soft spot for them ever since.

  2. I love the pic on the Scoscia card. That floating helmet is magical lol.


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