Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage : First Pack

I finally got the chance to rip open some new Heritage and I am very impressed by the overall design and feel of the cards. I knew I was missing out but I didn't realize how much I was going to like this years version of the old.

What I like about them is of course the classic design and the thick card stock. It feels like I have been getting my money's worth.

I also like the fact that these cards just work. I've often looked at past versions of Heritage and felt the modern players didn't mesh well with the old design. Sometimes it seems like they are trying to make the puzzle pieces fit that just don't go together.

This year they got it right. At least in my opinion. I would absolutely love a complete set of these.

I even landed a jersey relic in the bottom deck!

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  1. Figures you pull the only Mets card that I pulled in my one and only pack! Actually, you pulled quite a few of the same cards I did, interesting...

  2. Good rip! The Altuve is one of the nicer looking relic cards; not so much for the piece of fabric, but more so for the photo. And you even got a short print with the Tulo. I think you have to consider this pack a success!


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